Parent Tips

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Downtown Field Trip

Students at Big Spring Lake got to take a tour of the town last Thursday and Friday.  Classes read the book, Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten, and then visited the Bakery, Public Library, Post Office, Fire Department and the park just like Miss Bindergarten's class!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Mrs. Pam Brown's class: Celebrating Letters!

Mrs. Brown's class loves celebrating letters! M is for monster, T is for Teddy Bear, A is for Apple (yum) and S is for spider!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Mrs. Ashleigh Brown's class: Pumpkin Surprise

Fall brings fresh air and fun surprises to Mrs. Ashleigh's Brown's class.  Her students have been comparing and contrasting apples and pumpkins by looking at their size, shape, color, and texture.  As part of their studies, a miniature pumpkin patch was brought to Big Spring Lake.  Students were able to pick their own pumpkin, explore them and then paint them however they chose. The pumpkins will be on display in Mrs. Brown's room until the end of the week.

Our "Tacky Boxes" put "tacky words" in their place!

Students at Big Spring Lake are learning about using kind words with a special "Tacky Box."  In Guidance and Counseling class, students read the book Margo's Magnificent Choice.  In the story, Margo the monkey learns that the reason her jungle friends do not want to play with her is because she uses "tacky words" like stupid, dummy and fatso.  The Wise Owl gives her a "Tacky Box" and encourages her to write down any "tacky words" she might hear and be tempted to say and put them in the "Tacky Box" never to be said or thought of again.  This year at BSLK, we will be focusing on only using kind words by having "Tacky Boxes" in every classroom so students can put "tacky words" in their place.  Students also brought home their very own "Tacky Box" so that parents can help reinforce this skill at home!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Health Heroes

A team provided through the Health Hero program came to Big Spring Lake today to offer flu vaccinations to our students. These are provided at no cost and is a great way to get our students ready for flu season. We had 53 children to receive the flu vaccine through this clinic.

Mrs. Baugh's Speech Class

Mrs. Baugh's students have been enjoying some fun new activities for speech practice. The students love the Articulation Cans with their speech sounds. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Mrs. Barclift's Class: Peacemakers/Peacebreakers

At Big Spring Lake Kindergarten, Mrs. Barclift's Class has been learning peaceful conflict resolution strategies created by Naomi Drew, author of The Peaceful Classroom.  To go along with their peacemaking theme,  Mrs. Barclift read a series of David Shannon's books about David, a little boy whose behavior resembled a peacebreaker more than a peacemaker!  The students discussed and shared choices David could make that would better fit the characteristics of a peacemaker.  The students still love to read David books everyday.  To culminate the theme, each child created his/her own David (see pictures)!  Each friend signed a Peace Contract after learning that a pledge is a promise. They are still learning the Peace Pledge, which is recited daily during morning announcements.  The children posed as peacemakers and peacebreakers (see pictures)!  Mrs. Barclift's students are well on their way to a year full of peaceful choices and fun!