Parent Tips

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mrs. Henderson’s Class 

I love Thanksgiving! We begin our Thanksgiving unit by learning about homes. We learn about the different types of homes around the world and how people build their homes based on the materials around them. We end this week talking about the type homes that the Pilgrims and Indians lived in. We use The Three Little Pigs to kick-off "homes" week.  Each child drew a pig and then chose to either dip it in the shaving cream and paint mixture or paint it. They did a great job! I always encourage them to draw using the different shapes seen in the object being drawn. It's difficult to get them started at the beginning of the year but by this time no one even says, "I can't” anymore!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Mrs. Marsh

This week in Mrs. Marsh's class we have been learning about the letter "Rr" and about Reindeer.  We also read about the most famous reindeer, "Rudolph".  We made magic reindeer food to put in our yards on Christmas Eve and made reindeer ornaments to hang on our class Christmas tree.