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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

100th Day Fun in Mrs. Mosley's Class

Mrs. Mosley’s class has been having so much fun this year!! We are learning and growing so much! We recently just had our 100th day of school!! It was packed with all kinds of 100th day activities. We started off by counting  to 100 by 1s then 5s and then by 10s!! We also made some really silly 100th day hats.

Throughout the day we also took time to do 10 different fun games: 10 times to make 100 ways to have fun chart! “10 Kiss your Brain” “10 Frog Jumps” “10 Circles” all kinds of fun! Making a 100 fish in the sea mural was a lot of fun too! 100 fish in the sea can you find me!?!

We ended our 100th day by filling our bellies with a yummy 100th day snack!!

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