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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mrs. Henderson's Class

Mrs. Henderson’s Colorful Kids!!
Mrs. Henderson’s boys and girls have been learning about colors and shapes. We have learned each color and how to spell it. We also learned about primary colors and how they are used to make the rest of the colors. We have mixed colored water and paints to figure out how to make all the different colors.

Painting our first mural: the colors of Brown Bear:

Tasting lemons for yellow day:
Mixing paint to try to figure out how to make green:

Making circle prints with different circular objects:

We read and then made Miss Nelson
 and Miss Viola Swamp:

Paint mixing and predicting:

 Rainbow Peepholes:

Creating rainbows by mixing the colors:


Making rainbow fizzies by mixing koolaid and baking sodaand then using droppers to add vinegar to the mixture:

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