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Monday, September 12, 2016

Mrs. Barclift's Class: Peacemakers/Peacebreakers

At Big Spring Lake Kindergarten, Mrs. Barclift's Class has been learning peaceful conflict resolution strategies created by Naomi Drew, author of The Peaceful Classroom.  To go along with their peacemaking theme,  Mrs. Barclift read a series of David Shannon's books about David, a little boy whose behavior resembled a peacebreaker more than a peacemaker!  The students discussed and shared choices David could make that would better fit the characteristics of a peacemaker.  The students still love to read David books everyday.  To culminate the theme, each child created his/her own David (see pictures)!  Each friend signed a Peace Contract after learning that a pledge is a promise. They are still learning the Peace Pledge, which is recited daily during morning announcements.  The children posed as peacemakers and peacebreakers (see pictures)!  Mrs. Barclift's students are well on their way to a year full of peaceful choices and fun!   

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