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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mrs. Handley's Class: Christmas Around the World

Students in Mrs. Handley’s Kindergarten class are learning about different Christmas Traditions from around the world.  They began by looking at different countries to see how children there celebrate Christmas.  Next, they look for differences and similarities from how we celebrate Christmas here in America.  So far they have talked about Christmas in England, Mexico, Italy, and Germany.  This week they are going to visit Holland, Israel, and Africa.  As they are learning, the students make a page about each country to put in their Christmas Traditions from Around the World book.  In the pictures, the students are completing the page for Germany where children get treats in their boots if they are on Santa’s nice list or switches if they are on Santa’s naughty list.  All of her students decided they wanted to be on Santa’s nice list so they could get treats instead of switches! How about you? Merry Christmas from Mrs. Handley's class to you!

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