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Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy Week in Mrs. Holcomb's Class

Wow! Big Spring Lake has definitely been living up to it’s motto, “Working, Playing, Learning Together.” That is exactly what we’ve been doing this week. In Mrs. Holcomb’s class, we spent the first half of the week learning all about the people in our community and how they help us. This was a wonderful time we spent learning about all kinds of different careers in anticipation for Career Day on Friday.  We did take a little break on Wednesday however to go and enjoy an amazing concert by our favorite musician Jack Hartmann!!!  The kids were so excited to spend a couple of hours singing and dancing to their favorite Jack songs. It was so much fun!  To end the week, we had Career Day where we got to meet all kinds of professionals such as a photographer, policemen, a nurse, a mail carrier, and our assistant district attorney who brought in a K9 unit and a “bad guy” for his dog to attack. What a great week at BSLK!

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