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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Career Day Fun!

Big Spring Lake Kindergarteners participated in Career Day on Friday, February 17. Students spend the month of February during counseling and guidance classes learning about careers, the world of work, and how this relates to their families and one day themselves. Career Day celebrates the completion of these units by having visitors come to teach our children about their jobs. Students rotate among stations where each station allows them to learn about a different career and participate in fun hands-on opportunities. Stations this year included visitors such as Albertville City Police Force and Canine Unit where students saw a demonstration of police dog “Nitro”  finding and biting a pretend “bad guy” as District Attorney Mitch Floyd explained his job in prosecuting criminals. Students also learned from Nurse Vanessa Crosson, Photographers from Joe M. Photo, Policeman Michael Maher, Mail Carrier Tonya Lackey, and Paramedics from Marshall EMS. Students got to see and go inside an ambulance, police car, and mail jeep as well as take part in an imagination station where they dressed-up and pretended to do certain jobs. 

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